Most Popular Stories on AgencySpy of 2010 (Pt. Deux)

By Kiran Aditham 

As we continue our stroll down memory lane and revisit the most popular items of the year throughout this short week, it’s down to #5-7 on our rather surprising list (no Bogusky resigning, no C-E layoffs, no kidding). Let’s just get this show on the road.

#7: Ogilvy NY CDO/CCO Not Happy with Ogilvy NY’s Digital Work

“Dear all,

I just checked out the recent digital launches from Ogilvy New York. 6 websites in all. To be frank with everyone, it left me with a migraine and the beginnings of a depression. To be even more brutally frank, it’s simply not good enough….”

#5 and 6 after the jump.

#6: Crispin Nabs GSD&M’s BMW Lead Creative

#5: ‘Elf Yourself’ Returns Again