Most Popular Stories on AgencySpy of 2010 (Fin)

By Kiran Aditham 

It’s come down to this, people, the final two items that snagged more hits, page views, what have you than any others this year. We’d like to take a quick moment to thank you all for continuing to read AgencySpy and keep the site thriving. We’ve wavered at times, soldiered through staffing changes and got bombs lobbed at us in the comment threads (when bombs weren’t being lobbed at the subjects of the posts themselves) but we’re continuing to improve and trying to be a thorn in the industry’s side. We can’t win all the time, and we do take your suggestions/hate to heart, so we’ll do our best to be bigger and badder next year, hopefully uncovering more truths and poking fun at an industry that takes itself way too seriously in the process. Anyways, I digress. On with the show…

#2: Behold: The Social Media Sobriety Test


#1 after the jump…

#1: Jerk Copywriter/Director Wins 2 Pencils and a Clio for Getting a Job

And because of Matt Van Hoven’s story on Mr. Alec Brownstein, my predecessor earned his own press including an interview on Fox News. Kudos!