Moscow Havas Digital Crew Creates URL Lengthener to Promote Russian Bookstore

By Erik Oster 

A group of Russian Havas Digital creatives have created an intriguing new digital campaign for Russian bookstore, Respublica.

The self-branded “humble project” is a site called “URLiterature,” which promotes reading with a URL lengthener. Yes, you read that correctly, a URL lengthener. Created to promote reading and combat the assault on language resulting from acronyms and social media-promoting short messages, URLiterature uses a URL lengthener to add text from a selected book to the link you want to send. Simply paste “your boring URL,” choose your book and share, pleasing literature professors everywhere. Check out the video above for a better look at the project, and head on over to the site to give it a try for yourself. Credits after the jump.Credits:

Creative VP: Kirill Zhukov

Creative Director: Lucas Zaiden

Art Director: Bruno Ponzini

Copywriter: Augusto Anjos

Production Company: Indee Interactive, Soleil Noir

Client: Serafima Skibyuk