Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Xbox and agency gnet bring fans to the battlefield in the live-action launch trailer for Age of Empires IV, fusing cinematic zeal with the game’s diverse fighting tactics. The trailer features a strong army commander as she tactically decides how to handle waves of Mongol warriors, English fleets and even camel-mounted archers.

-The annual Adweek 50 honors those behind-the-scenes luminaries in marketing, media and tech, offering them much-deserved recognition on their paths toward becoming household names.


-Four major holding companies and thousands of smaller shops around the world are awaiting their fate as part of the Coca-Cola Company’s global marketing and media review. Adweek lets readers know the potential consequences of the decision.

-According to a recent survey by graphic design service Vistaprint, across all age groups, the overwhelming majority of respondents (92%) feel a logo should be a top priority when starting a new business.

-As part of Adweek’s columnist network, Patrick Llewellyn of 99designs describes his goal of providing flexibility for employees—and the organizational learning curve behind it.

-Doritos Mexico collaborated with creative agency Slap for a heartfelt Dia de Muertos ad that celebrates love, family, culture and the LGBTQ+ community.

-Agency Orci continues its long tradition of embracing culture and diversity with the creation of a virtual Día de Muertos altar. Today, the celebration of the Hispanic holiday also coincides with the 35th anniversary of the Los Angeles-based agency. Orci invited clients and staff to participate in the virtual altar by uploading pictures of deceased loved ones and honoring their legacy.