Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Sports retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods is pulling back the curtain to show that many of its decision makers, from the chief people officer to the svp of merchandising and the vp of marketing, are women. The video highlights that the company is striving to “update the playbook” to connect with women athletes everywhere. To drive the point home, the “Inside Moves” video ad is voiced by Dick’s CEO, Lauren Hobart.

-Huge has found its first global chief talent officer in Kali Beyah, who comes to the agency from Delta Air Lines.


-Check out the ways different brands are celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s Month, from Hershey’s highlighting the “she” in its name to Barbie adding an Eleanor Roosevelt doll, and Stayfree educating sex trafficked women.

-Salary negotiations are never easy, but women leaders from Twitter, Verizon, Colle McVoy, and other brands and agencies offer their tips on getting your deserved share.

-Take a listen to Adweek’s International Women’s Day themed episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, which discusses the day through the lens of marketing.

-Amazon has outfitted a batch of its delivery vehicles—vans, trucks and a plane—with Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) to promote Coming 2 America, the sequel streaming on Prime.

-Digiday highlights why some independent Black-owned media companies are hesitant to join in agency multicultural marketplaces.

-Halo fans, and those into obscure limited edition crisp flavors, Pringles has introduced a “Moa Burger” offering named after the fictional flightless bird found on the Halo planet Reach. It’s apparently a blend of flavors, including garlic, sweet ginger, and beef.

Pringles’ Moa Burger flavor.