Monday Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-If you think you’ve had mineral water, you may not have tried Borjomi, which comes from the rock layers of the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia (the country, not the state). Let’s go ahead and say that it’s an acquired taste, as the water is chock full of minerals (and over 45% of your daily sodium intake per bottle).

Agency Battery, with Exervus on media, created some tongue-in-cheek ads that show that Borjomi, based in Ukraine, is not for everyone. The position is “Tastes Like Nature,” and it certainly does, especially if it’s not refrigerated. When cold, though, it is pretty tasty. At least to half the people in the ads.

“Borjomi is originally the golden standard of natural mineral water in Eastern Europe,” said Nataliia Revika, IDS Borjomi International global brand portfolio director. “When we came to explore U.S. market opportunities about a year ago, we found out that despite very high competitive clutter, there are not many brands with such a high unique mineral content. That’s why it creates a special personalized taste experience for trialists: some consumers feel it’s like seawater and some say it’s a smooth taste with a hint of minerals.”

-Arby’s debuted a new deep-fried turkey pillow because … well, why not?

Kevin the Carrot is back!!

S4 is feeling pretty good about heading into 2021.

-Puzzlingly direct (yet wonderfully awesome) Canadian Jeff Beer peeks at the McDonald’s strategy to turn customers into super fans. But it may not be bold enough.

-Apparently, the world needs more Malcolm Gladwell podcasts.

RAPP elevates Devin O’Laughlin to global DEI role.

Joe Biden win = weed stock success.

-Wunderman Thompson U.K. won Sage, an accounting, payroll and payments company, last month. The London office launched some new, peppy creative, targeted at small businesses.