Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-The Union of the Audiovisual Industry of São Paulo State (SIAESP), in collaboration with the NGO Aliança da Misericórdia (Mercy Alliance), has launched an innovative project, “Homeless Extras,” aiming to integrate homeless talents into the workforce by hiring them as extras in movies, TV series and commercials. Aricio Fortes, a creative leader and the one responsible for the idea of the campaign, revealed the issue behind the idea: “If the film industries often shoot on the streets, why not giving them a role? These films gain a more realistic cast,” said Aricio in a statement.

-Hollywood stars including Mark Wahlberg, Scarlett Johansson and John Legend, pitched marketers on their creative projects at the Way Upfronts.


-Vilnius, the 700-year-old capital of Lithuania, flips common stereotypes of the region on their heads in a satirical tourism campaign from agency BM Boutique.

-The global deepfake AI market is expected to grow from $6.83 billion to $119.34 billion in the next decade and influencer and creator agencies are preparing.

ADWEEK’s Audio Awards 2024 will be judged by an expert panel from firms including WPP, Netflix, talkSPORT and The Telegraph, with experience across Amazon Music, Kraft Heinz, Universal Music and much more.

-Want a leg up in the ad industry? Start in the restaurant business, writes Garrett Garcia, president at PPK.

-At the first ADWEEK Brand Play Sports Marketing Summit, marketers saw how technology not only personalized the gameday experience for leagues, but helped them tell their stories to global audiences.

-Advertising pioneer Mary Wells Lawrence, who was the first woman to own and run a major national ad agency, Wells Rich Greene, has died at 95.