Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-A funeral usually isn’t the best place to espouse your opinions on sports, but that’s not stopping Skip Bayless in a new promo campaign for FS1 show “Undisputed.” Creative agency Something Different recently worked with the Fox Sports marketing team on a creative promo campaign for its popular show with “Eulogy,” a humorous spot featuring host Bayless’s passionate, uncompromising voice and featuring his new co-hosts Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. The campaign demonstrates the hosts’ inability to think about anything other than their favorite team, even at an occasion as solemn as a family funeral, proving that “When your brain is filled with sports, there isn’t room for much else.”

-How did an oil baron end up in charge of the world’s biggest climate conference? With the help of the public relations and advertising industry, which is the gist of a new report from activist group Clean Creatives.


-Social media platform X will target more small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to win advertising following owner Elon Musk’s attack on departing brands.

-As 2023 comes to an end, Lego and Epic Games have finally unveiled what their kid-friendly metaverse will look like.

-Bath & Body Works is celebrating the holiday with a new campaign that touts its medley of fragrances and a really big candle in New York City, thanks to its first work from The Community.

-The Creatorverse Exchange, a partnership between Meta and Adweek, brings together marketing executives and top creators to work together to democratize creativity and solve for some of the biggest brand challenges marketers are facing today.

-If you have a whiskey lover on your holiday list, Blue Run Spirits has a limited-edition bourbon calendar for your enjoyment. Known for their 12 Days of Bourbon, Blue Run is dropping its first-ever Holiday Gifting Calendar. Available on December 12, the Blue Run Holiday Gift Calendar includes a full bottle of premium Blue Run High Rye bourbon, plus samples, tasting glasses, a flask ornament and even steak service. These limited-edition calendars will be available exclusively at the Blue Run site. PR agency Phaedon was involved in the ideation and development.

Blue Run has created a calendar for whiskey lovers.