Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-With Halloween on the horizon, Pom Wonderful builds its latest advertising around a trio of spooky characters—aliens, ghosts and vampires. And if that’s not enough to give consumers the chills, the brand says there’s another villain lurking in the shadows, just waiting to attack. It’s called free radicals.



For those more concerned with flu season and Covid-19, Pom Wonderful’s new campaign says that free radicals—manifested as real-life monsters—are all over our offices and other public spaces. To combat these “health antagonists,” consumers need to “fortify their defenses” with the antioxidant-rich pomegranate drink, per the spots.

Physiology trivia: the human body produces free radicals every day during metabolism or by exposure to environmental toxins, and its defense system can often eliminate the excess. But having an overload can damage cells, cause diseases like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis and accelerate aging, per the National Institute of Health.

Pom’s spots, developed by the in-house Wonderful Agency, lean into comedy rather than scare tactics, deploying its supernatural stars for laughs. Among the revelations: some ghosts are bad at laundry, and vampires can be obnoxiously rowdy at the multiplex.

“Real Life is Scary: Protect Yourself With Pom”—shot in Prague with Randy Krallman from Smuggler directing—represents “a new approach” to the brand’s marketing and aims to “educate and inspire consumers to take control of their health,” according to Benal Serin, Pom’s senior vice president of marketing.

The ads will run on linear and connected TV, mobile and digital platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and in-theater at Spotlight Cinemas. T.L. Stanley.

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-Managing bills can be a stressful pain, and relieving that stress can sometimes be comical. That’s the premise of a new ad campaign for Bill, a financial operations platform that’s helping small and midsize businesses get through the inefficiency of slow, outdated financial processes. Called “Meet Bill,” the ads from Odysseus Arms shows the pressures company finance pros experience and the relief Bill provides. “Stress Balls” opens on an accounting manager frantically squeezing a stress ball because she’s overwhelmed. She learns about Bill and everything becomes OK.