Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Power to The Patients has partnered with hip-hop legends Fat JoeBusta RhymesMethod ManFrench Montana and Chuck D to release a PSA demanding elected officials create laws for a more honest and transparent healthcare system for all Americans. The nonprofit organization and advocacy group created the PSA, produced by Swift River Productions, to advocate for stronger and more meaningful price transparency laws to force hospitals and insurance companies around the country to post actual prices for their services and procedures.

-Digital wholesale platform Joor determined that consumers misspell brand names all the time, even ones that are household names.


-Navy Federal Credit Union with agency MRM launched No Plate Left Behind, an AR-driven campaign to raise donations for Feeding America to combat hunger in the military community.

-Havas Chicago staged a funeral to raise awareness of suicide, though the activation prompted questions about mental health activations.

-A series of ads by agency BBH London depicts what players love about Candy Crush through the use of practical effects, accompanied by bright colors and oversized sweet props.

-When British bread maker Warburtons wanted to respond to a social post asking about other products that look similar to its signature orange packaging, it cast Samuel L. Jackson as a very angry version of chairman Jonathan Warburton.

-“Play is Your Superpower” states Lego’s new campaign.

-Food can be a huge motivator of national pride and Peru has a long history of potato farming, but not everyone knows it. The challenge to The Juju by Tiyapuy Foods, whose product line of organic potato chips utilizes Peruvian native potatoes and production by Peruvian farmers, was to get people talking about why Peruvians should be proud of something as boring as a potato. The solution? Make it a meme. The Juju Agency created a thread on Tiyapuy Foods’ X account giving the world lots of probably unknown potato facts, driving home all the reasons we should be thanking Peru for the potato. Of course, the thread ended on the meme that made this whole push possible.