Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Great Clips has partnered with former NFL star Drew Brees to share a good snipping of the locks as a back to school ritual. In the video, Brees observes an everyday dad going through various back-to-school self-care activities such as building confidence and proper nutrition. He breaks down the “dad film” for viewers, providing praise for well-executed plays and more constructive advice for those that need more practice. The video then reveals Brees and his three boys getting haircuts at their local Great Clips salon. The campaign also includes other dad-fluencers.

-Adweek’s annual Young Influentials list highlights individuals under 40 who are truly making an impact across media, marketing, tech and the creator economy.


-Meta is telling its U.S. publishing partners that the company will no longer pay for news content that aggregates on Facebook’s news tab.

-Coffee brand Wandering Bear linked with agency Supernatural to determine the kind of creative that would resonate most with its core consumer group, and apparently it’s talking bears.

-Check out the latest Marketing Morsels roundup of tasty bits and bites of advertising goodness.=

-On the season finale of the Most Powerful Women in Sports podcast, Lisa Granatstein sits down with Cathy Engelbert, commissioner of the WNBA.

-Latinx artists, filmmakers and actors have been building steady momentum into the superhero universe, writes Michael León-Rivera is a creative strategy consultant

-Actor and writer Zach Woods brings the awkward for 45-second online spots created by Denver-based agency Fear Not for office supply retailer