Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Small business owners have plenty to worry about these days. But what if their business tech could be a source of calm instead of a source of stress? That’s the idea behind a new campaign from Ooma, a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers. In a series of three 15-second ads, small business owners float in their office, zen like and ask the viewer, “Looking for business phone bliss?” The ads were created by San Francisco Agency SOS and produced by Little Moving Pictures.

Steve Aoki is Adweek’s Creator Visionary of the Year.


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-Now that Burger King has announced OKRP as its new agency, Adweek looked back at the best campaigns to come from David for the burger chain.

-Lyft spent much of its existence coaxing people into cars. Since the pandemic began, however, it’s seen the benefits of a bike ride.

-If you’re an agency, working for Big Oil might get you sued. That’s the message of a new report from activist group Clean Creatives, a campaign by Fossil Free Media to encourage the advertising and PR industry to cut ties with fossil fuel companies.

-Next up from Ikea is another offshoot of its iconic meatball product with ingredients that include clay, compost and wildflower seeds.

-Reddit has pledged $1 million toward its Community Funds Program, saying the goal is to back ideas that are creative, impactful and spark collaboration within and across communities.