Monday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Van Camp’s, a Colombian brand of tinned fish, enlisted David Bogota for “You know,” to state that its tuna is just better than the others, like for late-night tuna sandwiches, a perfect snack for an emotional TV show and unique pasta dishes.

-The newest issue of Adweek marks an unprecedented moment in the magazine’s 43 years of publication: The editors have handed off control of the publication to Ukrainian talent.


-As such, an article is from the special issue, created entirely by Ukrainian writers, editors and artists amid the ongoing all-out war in their homeland, talks about how Ukraine’s creative industry took shape.

-Ukrainians have a tradition of experimenting boldly, ironizing themselves and the world while keeping to their values.

-And, this talent tells three stories of how the Ukrainian creative community adapted to the new wartime reality.

-A new sports ed-tech platform co-founded by St. Louis Cardinals manager Oliver Marmol offers aspiring athletes exclusive video training and the ability to speak directly with professional athletes through AI.

-Netflix announced it would finally open up its service to advertising, to the delight of marketers everywhere.

-Fresh data shows the public is becoming increasingly frustrated with airlines, SUVs and fossil fuel companies for damaging the planet.