Monday Odds & Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Being hungover on a Monday is never a good way to start the week. The day is longer, the afternoon nap feels shorter and eating is nearly impossible. But rather than focus on the negative, here’s some stories from around the Webs you may want to look at.

&#151 Sometimes it’s good to fail at things. And if you do fail, please take a photo of the evidence of your failures. link

&#151 Originality is totally dead, as proven by this small Brazilian town where twins are born like every 15 minutes. link

&#151 Which actor represents all things Kingly and fun? link

&#151 Ha ha Kenneth Cole uses wordplay when they’re not milking miracles on the Hudson. link

&#151 Omnicom won the HP business and a pot of gold. link

&#151 After nine months of rest, Tiger Tiger Woods Y’all is back, and Nike is really happy about it. link

&#151 Matt Weiner and Barry Manilow will be honored at this year’s Clios. link

&#151 Microsoft wants their severance checks back. Lame alert. link

&#151 Here’s a list of the most-hated celebrity brands so far in 2009. link