Monday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Step aside, Google. Apple takes over as the world’s most valuable brand. link

-Fellow mega-brand Coca-Cola has just turned 125. link


-Apparently, VML folks were behind this entertaining “Sad Arnold” site. link

-Y&R New York/VML get into the “Business of Your Brain” for Xerox (above). link

-Yes, we know that Martin Sorrell had a good year. link

-Is “Write the Future” the world’s best idea? link

-Discovery Channel made a wise choice in picking a Sigur Ros tune for its Human Planet promos. link

-Facebook’s Sponsored Stories is much more effective the social network’s standard ads. link

-Draftfcb Chicago alum David Buklarewicz joined MPG VP, group account director. link