Monday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– Nielsen’s 2008 gaming report has come in. Note: Though Nintendo Wii came behind PS2, and Xbox 360 in usage minutes, the console saw the largest leap in numbers from 5.5% in 2007 to 13.4% in 2008. (link)

– Someone is hacking Twitter with Britney Spears being one of the most famous victims. (link)

– WPP Group is beginning the new year with preparations to lay off of thousands at its global agencies, Guardian reported. (link)

– Yes, it’s true. Steve Jobs has relapsed and is too sick to run Apple. Don’t panic, ok? (link)

– The Huffington Post and that other internet company, um, what’s it called? Oh yeah, Digg, are involved in a big number crunching scandal. (link)

Michael Phelps is at it again having signed yet another deal with Mazda in China. (link)

– The Economist magazine has released a slide show for marketers about why they should be increasing ad budgets during a recession. (link)

– A third-party distributor in Dubai has been selling HP printers in Iran since 1997, which is 2 full years after Clinton banned trade with the country. Did HP executives cut the deal with the company knowing it intended to sell HP products into Iran? Who cares. Bad press like this needs to managed pronto. (link)