Monday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Kenzo Digital and Bacardi held a Halloween party in the Brooklyn Navy Yard on Saturday night. It was quite trippy and there were apparently no fake effects.

-The Loomis Agency of Dallas introduced every creative director’s least favorite Halloween costume: the dreaded Change Order.

-A new study from McCann Worldgroup found that 87% of young people “believe brands have the power to make change.” We feel sorry for all of those young people now.

-But what about Gen X? According to Viacom, they value sex over friendship. No wonder no one wants to sell them shit.

-The DraftKings/FanDuel merger is happening — and quickly, according to The Wall Street Journal. Get ready for gambling to replace advertising and subscriptions as the big source of revenue in pro sports.

-New York’s Ataboy studio hired directors/content creators Nicolas Heller and Corydon Wagner.

-The U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) instituted stricter broadband advertising rules.

-The Trump-supporting Rebuilding America Now PAC launched a new attack ad against Hillary Clinton in the wake of Friday’s news about some FBI thing related to emails, dear god please make it stop.