Monday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Back in April, Publicis ran a tour of its new “activity based workspace” in New York, which again has no assigned seats.

-Two account executives from Energy BBDO and one from Leo Burnett Chicago died tragically this weekend when a car ran a red light and hit their Uber vehicle in Milwaukee.

-Unsurprisingly, REI is expanding its award-winning #OptOutside Black Friday campaign this year. For the record, Venables Bell & Partners did not work on REI’s most recent campaign, but they remain on the client’s agency roster and we hear that the two parties have new work set to debut soon.

-360i senior copywriter Megan Rascal created a little site called VERY IMPORTANT that she describes as “a randomized collection of everything important on the internet” in an act of pure philanthropy.

Jared Fogle‘s ex-wife alleges in a lawsuit that Subway knew about the “depravities” of its former pitchman before the law caught up with him.

-A New York woman is suing KFC for $20 million, alleging the chain misrepresents how full its buckets of chicken are in its advertising.

Red Engine SCC hired creative director Mitch Alison and senior content creative Ben Harrison.

-Adweek explores why the Backstreet Boys made fun of themselves for a Chex Mix ad. SPOILER: it was the money.

-You will not be surprised to learn that someone wrote a listicle about the things that marketers can learn from Donald Trump. “The importance of grammar” is not one of them, so please proceed to vomit as you see fit.