Monday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-Bernstein-Rein released a parody of sorority rush videos entitled “Rush BR” to promote its summer internship program (video above).

-StarTribune examines “The lessons of the shakeup at Mithun ad agency.”

-Recently appointed senior vice president, sales, marketing and operations, Nissan North America, Christian Meunier was unhappy with the brand’s advertising and demanded a fresh approachwhich may be why TBWA re-hired Neil Dawson to serve as global executive creative director at Nissan United.

-Digiday explores “How sponsored content drives more than 60 percent of The Atlantic’s ad revenue.”

-The Wall Street Journal examines “How Oversized Web Ads Are Encouraging Ad Blocking.”


-A Deloitte Digital Democracy study found that over 50 percent of millennials rank social media ads as having a high/medium influence over their purchasing decisions.

-Avidan Strategies CEO Avi Dan claims “Women In Advertising, Particularly White Women, Are Still Doing Far Better Than Others.”

-Fast Company explores how “Uber Is Using An In-App Game To Recruit Engineers.”