Monday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Holy gloom and doom Batman! Whatever you do, don’t google “advertising” news. At this point, our best advice is to assume that the headlines are going to be disappointing. Nonetheless, here’s a round-up of the stories you may want to take note of.

&#151 “Report: McClatchy shopping Miami Herald” link

&#151 “Sony Bravia has motion like no other” link

&#151 “Major ad firms mulling job cuts: report” link

&#151 “Ad Track: Negative PR in advertising travels fast online” link

&#151 “JWT’s Once-Vibrant Chicago Office Now a Shadow of Its Former Self” link

&#151 “NY Times Co to borrow against building” link

&#151 “One Third of Retailers Cut Holiday Advertising and Marketing Budgets” link

&#151 “Pay-per-View as Advertising Model for YouTube” link

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