Monday Morning Updates

By Matt Van Hoven 

Welcome back from a weekend of fun, sun and lawn mowing &#151 or whatever you folks do in your spare time. We’ve got to shoot The Week in Advertising early today (as in, now) so here’s a few pieces of news to get your day started.

&#151 R/GA CFO Mike Kaczmarski sent this chipper e-mail to his staff this a.m. “At 11am this morning we start our month end reporting and you don’t want to be the one who doesn’t have their time sheet done.” Wow. Round 2 of layoffs beginning soon, we hear.


&#151 “Buy one get one free” has been saved by the Europeans. Phew. link

&#151 Google killed North Korea. linky poo

&#151 EnfaRtico is for sale. link

&#151 “Morning Joe”, MSNBC’s banal man-and-woman shouting match is now sponsored by Starbucks. link

Back soon.