Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Havas throwing down that #CONTENT to promote everyone’s favorite fake chef with some help from Lil Yachty and Donny Osmond. (But Donny Deutsch would have worked just as well.)

-Grey’s FAME school will help solve the ad industry’s diversity problem, according to Grey copywriter Brett Simone.

-People who work in advertising may be the only ones disappointed to learn that Netflix is now testing previews of its own shows—NOT paid brand promos—between episodes.


-And who thinks California’s new privacy law is bad bad bad? The people who monetize all that personal data, of course.

-Creatives aren’t going to stop being politically active anytime soon.

-Someone please explain how SodaStream was worth $2.3 billion dollars to PepsiCo.

-Sponsored content is cool and all (see above), but what about sponsored spaces like the Vice Munchies “food court” coming to New Jersey in 2019?

-In other news, Spanish is sexist. As in the language.