Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Droga5 London launched “A Race Car Set Free” for automaker Seat (video above).

-Adweek examines how “Ad Agencies Are Building Out Their Own Consultancies to Better Compete for Digital Dollars.”

-Campaign takes a look at “J. Walter Thompson: A year in the shadow of the Erin Johnson case,” notes “…there is no end in sight for the damn court case.”

-Tesco chairman John Allan faced backlash after commenting at Retail Week Live that white men are “an endangered species” in the boardroom. Allan claims the comment was intended to be “humorous” and “hyperbolic.”

-Brand marketers discussed how “AI and bots are changing the consumer conversation” at SXSW.

-Political campaigns have finally figured out that the future of advertising is digital.

-Sir Martin still loves print, though.

-Are you one of Digiday’s worst people at SXSW?