Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-The IPA is celebrating 100 years of British advertising. Here, via More About Advertising, is a 1959 Ogilvy cigarette spot helmed by Carol Reed of “The Third Man” fame.

-Back to the present day, where Digiday’s latest “confessions” implies that consultancies are coming to steal your business…for real this time.

-Can new product lines and mcgarrybowen save JC Penney?


-FX is brilliantly promoting The Americans by buying ads around stories about Trump’s alleged Russian connections.

-So you want to use that “zoom in on the…” meme? Too late. Erwin Penland and every other social media marketer already beat you to it.

-“Millennials are quite open to viewing ads as long as the content they are viewing is free on their mobile devices,” a shocking Nielsen study finds.

-Did the data firm that handled strategy for Donald Trump’s campaign really work miracles, or are they just repackaging the same data as everyone else? (SPOILER: it’s the latter.)

-Seafood chain Captain D’s has picked Cincinnati’s Empower MediaMarketing as its new media AOR after dropping TM Advertising and launching a creative review in December.