Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

 AdAge asks, “Can Premature Ejaculation Be the New Erectile Dysfunction?” Havas and Marina Maher Communications hope it can in a new campaign for K-Y Duration Spray for Men (video above).

-Tired of hearing about diversity in advertising? Don’t bother going to Advertising Week.

-On that note, if Hollywood can figure out how to answer the demand for more women in prominent roles, maybe the ad industry will follow.


-Oh, and these ads won the SheKnows #Femvertising Awards today.

-Ad Contrarian thinks creativity in the business has been devalued, and he’s not afraid to rant about it.

-One more thing agencies don’t value as much as they used to: timesheets.

-Marketing has grown more international even as the appeal of protectionism/nationalism/tribalism drives political movements around the world.

-British people: have you sent your work to the 2016 Arrows awards yet? You have four days.

-According to a new report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, virtual reality ads are in high demand. No one asked us, though.