Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Copenhagen agency Force of Nature launched a “Giant Mockingjay” outdoor campaign for the release of the New Hunger Games movie (video above).

-The Wall Street Journal explores how “Companies Target Journalists With Ads on Facebook.”

-Adweek explains “How a Designer’s ‘Peace for Paris’ Sketch, Made in Minutes, Became a Global Symbol.”

-AdAge explores “What Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark Will Bring to DDB.”

-Heineken¬†media manager Elizabeth Hodson¬†says creatives’ reluctance to move away from the 30 and 60-second spot slows the shift to digital content.

-Re/code explains “Why It Could Get Harder to Watch Your Favorite Shows on Hulu.”

-brandchannel examines how brands showed support for Paris in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

Former Red Bull marketing chief Huib van Bockel has some ideas for “Winning the ad blocking war.”