Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Miami Ad School asked “The question” for Families Against Drunk Driving (video above).

-Adweek examines “5 Epic Scenes That Saved the Mad Men Finale.”


-Social media analytics company Unmetric took a look at how Sterling Cooper & Partners’ clients are doing on Twitter these days.

-Four ad women comment on Mad Men and the industry today.

-Mashable explores “The real story behind the iconic Coke ad in ‘Mad Men’ finale.”

-Airbnb is offering the chance to stay in a house that is currently floating down the Thames, a stunt designed by TBWA.

-The Children’s Advertising Review Unit told McDonald’s to change its ads to shift focus on food, rather than Happy Meal toys.

-Medium examines “Mad Men and the Coke Jingle Theory.”