Mojo Supermarket is Holding a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Hostage

By Kyle O'Brien 

Mojo Supermarket is going to extreme measures to get the attention of Popeyes, which is on the search for a new agency. In an effort to put itself in the mix, the indie agency decided to hold a Popeyes chicken sandwich hostage.

On social media, Mojo Supermarket posted a sinister, grainy video with a disguised voice stating that it will be holding a chicken sandwich hostage until it is considered in the mix of new agencies for Popeyes. The video ends with a threat—albeit one to a chicken sandwich—“Popeyes, you have three days. Choose wisely.”



Mojo Supermarket employees piled on with more comically veiled threats to a post that opens with “This isn’t a game of chicken, it’s real sandwich lives you’re playing with.”

Interestingly enough, the threat seems to be working. The restaurant’s CMO, Jeff Klein, added to the LinkedIn post with a simple, “ok… you got my attention.”

Popeyes recently announced that it was ending its three-year relationship with agency Gut and will work with McKinney on a six month project basis while it moves through an RFP process. Mojo Supermarket, with its chicken sandwich hostage video, wants to be a part of that process.

Mojo Supermarket is no stranger to humorous marketing stunts to get attention. It recently brought back its Money Toilet to tell marketers not to throw money away on ineffective Super Bowl ads while promoting its ability to make effective campaigns.