Modernista: Third Time Is The Charm

By SuperSpy 

Boston-based Modernista has been at the mercy of general economic malaise – just like everyone else. While the shop recently made some staff cuts, they are also opening a full service, European office in Amsterdam, which will be responsible for a slice of the GM business and Dutch Comedy Central.

This morning, Adage has said that TBWA London managing director Matthew Charlton is slated to up the new shop. Mr. Charlton said: “We have a strong relationship with GM, they are an important part of Modernista, and we are waiting to find out the state of play.” Understatement of the year, as GM is an estimated to be 60-70% of their total billings.

Charlton is lucky number three. The agency’s first attempt to take Amsterdam was led by Nick Simmonds – now deceased. In 2008, Boyd Coyner, was named CD, but he split earlier this year. Not sure why.

In any case, Hummer is on the verge of being kicked off the GM roster, so this storming of Amsterdam means Charlton needs to start scrapping for some new business hasta pronto. Clift Jones, Modernista’s president, said in a statement, “Europe represents a huge creative opportunity for us, hence it is an obvious place to increase our investment.”

While the agency is down, it’s clearly not out. Good luck, kiddos.

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