Mitsubishi Travels ‘Death Road’ So We Won’t Ever Have To

By Kiran Aditham 

As our fear of heights gets worse with age, just watching images on the computer of Yungas Road–aka “Death Road”–in Bolivia makes one weak in the knees. But a few brave souls decided for whatever reason to test out the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport’s all-wheel drive system on what Inter-American Development bank apparently dubbed “the world’s most dangerous road” back in 1995. The automaker and agency 180 LA aren’t strangers to such crazy stunts, of course, as they just broke five Guinness world records in February for their 24-hour experiment on Canada’s frozen Ghost Lake.

This time around, the crew including production company Boxer and director Jordan Valenti (armed with a 360 cam) decided to head down to South America last month to take part in what’s being touted as the first commercial shot on Yungas, which is single-lane, lacks any guard rails and oh yeah, there’s that whole 1,800-foot cliff drop-off *shudder*. Well, fortunately it looks like they all lived to tell the tale. So what’s next gang, something involving the Burj Dubai? Credits after the jump.

Agency: 180LA
Executive Creative Director:  William Gelner
Creative Directors:  Grant Holland, Gavin Milner
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Head of Production/Managing Partner:  Peter Cline
Producer:  Cherie Appleby
Group Account Director:  Amy Call
Account Director:  Sandy Song
Planner: Patrick Early

Production Co. TVC:  Boxer
Production Company BTS: Artistas Latinos
Director TVC: Jordan Valenti
2nd Unit Director/DP TVC:  Jordan Valenti
Director BTS: – Johanan Benavides
Head of Production:  John Quinn
Executive Producer:  Beth George

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