Mission Media Makes It Happen for Microsoft

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s your latest entry in the “heart-warming holiday film that doubles as an advertisement” category via London-based agency Mission Media and production studio We Are Films. It’s all about promoting client Microsoft’s new Lumia phone and that thing we call Skype.

Yes, Virginia, there is a twist:


The spot is, presumably, one of the 31 resolutions Microsoft will “make happen” for 2015 via the convenient hashtag #MakeItHappen.

The company also has some of those social media “influencers” on the game:

The tag is a bit to common for us to find evidence of other such resolutions made real by Microsoft, but we trust this explanatory campaign launch clip from November (which might be better suited to our readers’ tastes):

Agency: Mission Media

Film Production: We Are Films

Directors: Alex Craig and Aaron Craig