Minnesota State Lottery Celebrates the Vikings’ 50th Birthday

By Michael Musco 

Olson and the NFL kick off the Minnesota Vikings’ upcoming 50th season with an official Vikings-themed Scratch Game.

Two TV spots started airing this week to complement the scratch games release and star former Vikings defensive tackle and soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee John Randle, who for those that don’t know, left the NFL tied for 5th in number of career sacks.

For those of you who know football and are Minnesota fans, you know this will get Viking fans revved up for the upcoming season and eager to play the scratch-offs. The spots themselves, though, are a little asinine but then again they’re not targeting rocket scientists here. We’re talking about football fans. Now let’s just sit and wait for Favre to not retire for the 17th time.

Check out the second spot after the jump.

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