Mindshare Entertainment Wows with Mullally in ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter’ Spot

By Matt Van Hoven 

By ‘Wows’ we meant the deadpan type. You’ve probably seen the commercial below by now &#151 in it, ‘Will & Grace’ alum Megal Mullally sings and dances about the glories of non-hydrogenated oils &#151 a theme so unnatural it begs the question: why did Mindshare Entertainment go with a musical theme? Actually, we’re begging to know why.

I just…when I watch it I want to punch the TV and shout “stop it!” &#151 that’s the best way to describe this ad.

Apparently, director Peter Siaggas of Spots Films, was able to convince them not to use their idea for a theatrical-themed ad.

Not sure what to think? Here’s some comments we gathered from the Twitters, when we asked who was behind the ad:

&#151 “Someone needs to fess up why my TiVo keeps telling me to watch it.”

&#151 “Wasn’t me. Don’t you try to blame that one on me.”

&#151 “Yeah, if you find out, let me know…because it’s HORRIBLE.”

Our favorite comment came when it was pointed out how off Mullally’s participation in the ad seems. @strawberrycough: “well she needs to watch her weight after pimping the m&m’s a couple years back”.

Last thing &#151 the ad’s taglined with “butter taste, better health”, which is cheesy but actually not bad. That is all. Turnthetubaround.com.

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