Mindless Mumbo Jumbo About The Clios

By SuperSpy 

Adweek is wondering if T.A.G., San Francisco’s campaign for Microsoft’s Halo 3 will win a Clio. Raise your hand if you know the answer? Du-uh. As the magazine points out the spot has won all the majors including International Andy Awards, the Art Directors Club Awards and, most recently, best of show at The One Show. It deserves it. Don’t get me wrong. Adweek seemed unsure for some reason so they sat down Tony Granger (who we know lots of you strongly dislike), Chairman for the Clio Television/Cinema/Digital, to find out. His “effusive” thoughts include:

“I certainly had that voice screaming in my head, ‘I wish I had done it!'”

Granger goes on to say that the judges were “really tough on the work.” Other yawn worthy highlights (really, why was this piece even penned?) include jury member Bruce Henderson, group creative director at Ogilvy & Mather in New York, saying such wise words as:

“I think there was probably a bit more attention paid this year to the degree to which things were created for the context in which they would be viewed,” he says. “After all, it’s television, cinema and digital. It’s really important to consider the context.”

One would bloody well hope so, Bruce! One would hope.

Evan Fry, VP creative director at Crispin in Boulder, said:

“It’s pretty clear that students are getting it, potentially more than some agencies.”

Well that’s a bright spot. The kids still want in! Hot. Okay, no more picking on this piece, but really… talk about taking up brain space.