Miller Lite Encourages Northside Chicagoans to ‘Man Up’

By Bob Marshall 

Chicago is a place of manly appetites, and its food is famously suited to satisfy the hungry denizens of the city. That is why this billboard for Miller Lite by Draftfcb works on a few levels. Not only is it the outdoor counterpart to Miller Lite’s television campaign (sure to get even more airtime once the NFL regular season starts), but it’s also located above popular “foodie” tourist spot, deep dish pizzeria Gino’s East.

While Gino’s East is now a northeastern Illinois chain, this restaurant in particular is located on the border of neighborhoods Lakeview, where the Chicago Cubs play, and Lincoln Park, one of the city’s wealthiest areas. If you care to read into the billboards more (which we’ll do anyway), by combining beer with a fake luxury cologne, the advertisement connects beer drinkers (Cubs fans) to people who shell out $80 to smell fancy (rich people).


Beer and impossibly thick pizza–it’s what Chicago is all about.

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