Milk Now a Product Latinos Use

By Matt Van Hoven 

In an seemingly way-too-late move, the California Milk Processor Board through the efforts of Long Beach based Grupo Gallegos has launched the Spanish version of the “Got Milk” campaign, cleverly entitled “Toma Leche,” or Drink Milk.

This clip is in Spanish, but it’s easy enough to follow.

Does anyone remember when the first “Got Milk” ads launched? It must have been at least 10 years ago. You’ve got to be kidding…more after the jump.

Does this strike anyone else as odd &#151 that after nearly a decade the Hispanic community is just now starting to be recognized as milk drinkers?

Better-late-than-admit-you’ve-fucked-up, I guess. The ads are poignant enough, and thankfully don’t regurgitate (short of the copy) the idea completely. A Web site, Toma Leche dot com, has been set up to inform Spanish speakers about…milk.

From AdWeek:
“The primary objective of the project was to give the Web site a new face &#151 and voice [in Spanish] that would be creative and go beyond what had been more of a corporate Web site,” said Juan Oubina, group creative director at Grupo Gallegos.

This kind of work sets precedent for an already under-represented portion of California (and the rest of the country’s) non-English speaking community.

What’s next for Gallegos? I predict, “Carne, la Cena de Championes,” (Beef, the dinner of Champions). Catchy, ain’t it?