Mickey D’s Tries to Settle Burger Debate in Canada

By Kiran Aditham 

Cossette and its interactive arm, Fjord, have launched a Facebook-based effort up north that lets fans decide which is their favorite, artery-clogging McDonald’s staple: the Big Mac or the Quarter Pounder. When it’s 1am, and all that’s left is the golden arches to help soothe a boozey night out, we’d have to go with the former.

Anyhow, fast-food fans have until July 28 to hit up the McDonald’s Canada Facebook page and cast their vote for their favorite burger. What’s the payoff? Well, floating high above in Landmark, Manitoba are two balloons shaped like a Big Mac and QP. As the votes get submitted, the burger with more flies higher in real-time (see above). According to Cossette, there have been over 60,000 votes in two days, and yes, we Americans can provide input as well. As expected, Big Mac is winning. Is it lunchtime yet?

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