Michael Phelps Proves Power of .01 Seconds in BBDO Brazil Olympic Spot

By Ella Riley-Adams 

There are two primary reasons to love the Olympics: the games inspire a swell of national pride and a deluge of epic hero’s-journey ads. With their superhuman efforts, both athletes and their sponsors encourage Olympic watchers to live more fully, conquering their daily obstacles.  Lift the groceries higher! Cross the street faster!

The latest spot from Visa’s Go World campaign, which we’ve been told has yet to air, contributes to the uplifting nature of our favorite worldwide competition. Created by BBDO Brazil, the ad invites viewers to “just think of the cheers if lightning strikes twice.” Consider the roar if, in the time it takes lightning to strike, Michael Phelps wins another gold medal. Victory in 100th of a second.

Narrated once again by Morgan Freeman (who, of course, has also shown his VO chops in March of the Penguins and Science Channel’s Through the Wormhole), this is the latest ad in a series that celebrates supportive fans and their loud noises. For those who can’t be at the games in person, Visa invites them to share their encouragement via Facebook and a “Cheer application.” The best cheers go on TV.