Miami Ad School Students Launch ‘Made by Refugee’ Project

By Erik Oster 

With the issue of refugees a regular topic lately, Miami ad school creatives Kien Quan and Jillian Young wanted to remind people of the many contributions made by refugees throughout American history.

Case in point: Huy Fong Foods, makers of Sriracha hot sauce, founded by Vietnamese immigrant David Tran. And where would we be without the ubiquitous and delicious condiment?

To get the message across, Quan and Young printed out stickers reading “Made by Refugee” and placed them on products in stores around New York, ranging from the aforementioned Sriracha sauce to a Bob Marley album to Albert Einstein‘s most famous equation. They documented the results in a video as part of the effort.
Those interested can join in by printing out their own “Made by Refugee” sticker sheet and attaching them to relevant products. There’s also a Facebook page dedicated to the campaign.

Sriracha was the original inspiration for the campaign, but from there Quan and Young soon realized the potential scope of the idea.

“This inspiration came from one of my Facebook rants. Reading up on the fact that refugees have always been unwelcomed throughout history, I realized that if Vietnamese refugees did not make it over in the 1970s, we would not have the privilege to rave about today’s newest craze, Sriracha, Quan told Creativity.  “Afterwards, my partner and I just expanded the idea into many more examples.”