Mekanism Creatives Turned Their Managing Director Into the New ‘Crying Jordan’ Meme

By Patrick Coffee 

The Photoshop hobbyists of Mekanism were at it again after Game 7 of this year’s NBA Finals.

The same (we think?) creatives who turned the open-armed pose of CEO Jason Harris into everything from a Michael Jackson cover to a Sailor Moon cartoon a couple of years ago went a bit overboard in having some light fun at the expense of of San Francisco EVP and general manager Mike Zlatoper.

Like many agency folk who don’t happen to be in France this week (and some who stayed up til 5 AM to watch the game at a local bar), Zlatoper shared what agency PR calls “an innocent, hyper-emotional moment of celebration” when LeBron and the Cavaliers defeated Steph Curry and the Warriors with this photo.


As the pic made its way around the office, creatives got to work turning Zlatoper into the latest in-house meme with some help from James and many others.




Here he is attempting to escape from one Jack Torrance:


Crying out for his mum, Kate Middleton:


Teaching the pundits to stop calling Hillary Clinton “shrill”:


Finally meeting the Mother of Dragons:


Giving an awkward high five to Tony Stark:


Meme-bombing the work of another agency that will go unnamed:


Acting out on his love of ’90s nostalgia:

mek10 mek11 mek12

Bragging about his encyclopedic knowledge of fine art:


Showing off his “tramp stamp”:


…and reminding us who pays his salary.


Harris tells us, “Mekanism was behind the Warriors, but our managing director is from Cleveland so he posted a selfie filled with sheer joy,” adding, “The creative department saw that as a ‘creative opportunity.'”

They weren’t the only people who found unique ways to express their excitement over the win. From the Cleveland victory parade:

No word on when the Mekanism creatives got back to doing real work or whether we will ever see the full credits for this campaign.