Mekanism Launches ‘One For All’ Effort for the United Nations

By Erik Oster 

Mekanism launched a pro-bono campaign in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals entitled “One For All,” which which acts as a call for unity in service of addressing problems like poverty, hunger and gender equality.

The campaign is built around a 30-second PSA, with a voiceover explaining that there are seven billion people on earth and 193 member nations of the UN, but “the only number you need to remember is one,” over footage of an assembled mass of people each holding up one finger. “Together we’re one for all,” the spot concludes, “the task of bettering our world is bigger than any one of us but it’s smaller than all of us.”

The PSA spot, and its supporting social media campaign, drive viewers to the “One For All” campaign landing page, where they can pledge to work towards any one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. A timely effort, the campaign arrives on the heels of reports that Donald Trump plans to drastically reduce the U.S.’s involvement with the United Nations.

“We’re breaking the SDGs into very simple, digestible plots,” Mekanism CEO Jason Harris explained to Adweek. “We’re taking what’s happening at the U.N., which is complex and great, and translating it to the world so they can understand it and take action.”


“It’s about getting the world into a safer, more sustainable place, so everybody can lift themselves out of poverty,” added Daniel Thomas, spokesperson for the president of the UN General Assembly. “This holds everybody accountable to make sure that over the next 14 years, general progress continues to happen and hopefully happens even quicker.”

Agency: Mekanism
Client: United Nations
President/CEO: Jason Harris
Executive Creative Director: Ian Kovalik
Associate Creative Director: Ryan Paulson
Art Directors: Jorge Arteaga, Stefanie Gomez
Junior Writer: Andy Ogburn
Brand Manager: Danielle Sabalvaro
Head of Production: Kati Haberstock
Senior Broadcast Producer: Amanda Schultz
Director of Print Production/Art Buying: Frank Lewis
Project Manager and Producer: Mariah Gill-Erhart

Production Company: Sister
Executive Producer: Lee Scharfstein
Director: Justin Plummer & Martin Strauss
DP: Spenser Nottage
Motion Graphics: Roman Micevic

Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Charlotte Carr
Assistant Editors: Lauren Jansen
Post Producer: Grace Tober
Post Executive Producer: Jared Yeater
Color: Luke Morrison

Music Production: Travis & Maude
Music Producer: Kala Sherman

Audio: Pomann Sound
Sound Engineer: Justin Kaupp

Print House: Pacific Digital Image

Agency Partner: PVBLIC Foundation
Chairman & Co-Founder: Sergio A. Fernandez de Córdova
Executive Director: Daniel Wilkins
Director of Strategic Alliance: Eliane Susman Richter
Communications and Project Manager: Karolina Piotrowska

Agency Partner: Sharemeister
President: Jonathan Hoeflinger

Agency Partner: Creative Science Labs
VP, Business Development: Chris Fowler
Digital Producer: Janine Marczack

Agency Partner: Exit10
Director of Strategy: John Marsh