Mekanism and Jack Links Get ‘Hangry’ with Some YouTube Influencers

By Patrick Coffee 

Last time we checked in on Jack Links, the cured meat brand was messin’ with the Sasquatch with some help from Mekanism, space150 and PR agency Carmichael Lynch.

This time around, the Mek has partnered with a few of the old YouTube influencers you’ve heard so much about in order to find creative solutions for the “hangry,” or that unique combination of hungry and super pissed. (Kind of like Snickers, you know.)

In the first spot, one man simply cannot deal with the frustrations stemming from his midlife crisis…or his empty stomach. Whichever.

Next, these two kids should be AgencySpy commenters. They’d be great at it.

Yes, but what about explosions in the office? Everyone knows all about those, right?

Now enter the influencers. The next spot “Gym Beast” features the popular(?) beefcake duo Hodge Twins and Josh Leyva.

So all you have to do to be an influencer is make videos of yourself lifting. Can it really be that easy?? And can we film in our tiny apartment, advertisers?

Finally, even teachers get “hangry” despite their job security and amazing benefits.
Coincidentally, the client sent our boss a box of the old jerky complete with some “hangry tape” and a little booklet of “hacking tips” and product ideas.

jack's links

We might take the beef tie to eat throughout the day, because who still wears those to the office anyway?


Client: Jack Link’s
Creative Agency: Mekanism
CEO/President: Jason Harris
ECD: Ian Kovalik
ACD: Ryan Paulson
Art Director, Designer: Philip Cheaney
Writer: Bryan Davis
HOP: Kati Haberstock
Sr. Producer: Cordelia Kipp
Director Brand Management: Caroline Moncure
Sr. Brand Manager: Claire Fallon

Production Company: TOOL of North America
Managing Director-Live Action / EP: Oliver Fuselier
Executive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
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Director: Benji Weinstein
Director of Photography: Eric Schmidt

Editorial Company: Cutting Room
EP: Melissa Luben
Post Producer: Kelly Ondris
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Color: The Mill
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Written by: TBC
Published by: TBC
Mixed by: TBC
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