Meet Your New ‘Uber, But for Advertising’ AI Overlords

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s a quick one for review in case you guys weren’t aware of the many brilliant options the market has provided to help your clients sell stuff.

This depressing message comes to us via a PR agency that obviously can’t tell the difference between “advertising” and “ad tech” but works with clients offering a “sharing economy” solution to those companies’ most pressing needs.

Here’s the pitch in full except for the “do you want to schedule an interview?” part:

“Many of today’s most profitable companies aren’t producing or selling anything. They’re simply connecting and streamlining resources. Take Uber and Airbnb for example, which own no cars or real estate.

The shared economy is growing. Its next stop? The advertising industry.

xxxxx is the world’s first ad development creative platform that uses a pay for performance model with a community of more than 10,000 designers worldwide. It taps into a global creative production industry worth $20 billion by combining human design with machine learning.

xxxxx uses Facebook and Instagram API’s with advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. They analyze image data faster and more accurately that way their designers can understand the clients brand and audience.

How does it work? Advertisers submit a brief. Designers from xxxxx’s community appear within 48 hours. Advertisers choose as many as they like, and assemble the ads in xxxxx. Then advertisers have the chance to swop underperforming creatives or let the platform automatically do this.”

Sure, you may ask who would be dumb, poor or desperate enough to sign up for this. We don’t really want to know the answer.

OTOH, given how generous the Uber business model has been to struggling car owners and how remarkably human-like AI capabilities can be, this sounds like a great opportunity for skilled designers everywhere!!