Meet The Wexley School For Girls

By SuperSpy 

UPDATE: We thank Wexely for inviting us to join their Facebook group.

Here’s the thing… every so often, we run into someone who was a past employee or just wants to tell us that there is an ad agency with the name, The Wexley School For Girls. Having been kicked out of an all girls private school, we’ve been a little reluctant to investigate, but you know… a little therapy and one moves beyond these painful issues.

What do we know about Wexley? You can watch the live cam of their toilet. No, really. Click on the toilet at the bottom of their web page. Um, ick. Also from their website, we learned that they offer “362 degree introverted bipolar branding.” We might not get along with the agency though. We had to redirect to the unfunny version of the site, where we were told that, they “understand that not everyone can have a sense of humor.” Okay, then… what else? They are one of those agencies that is branding themselves as the “un-agency.” Yawn. Client list includes MSN, The American Red Cross, WAMU, Sprite and some others.

Ah yes… Wexley was founded by two guys: Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister who, despite being very judgmental about humor, seem to have a lot of people who like them. Their resumes include W+K and Publicis West. Sidenote – wasn’t Publicis West so much cooler when it was naughty? Anyway, Cal, when asked by Ad Weak to come up with a new marketing term said: “Contentualization”: The desperate attempt to justify an agency retainer by throwing anything with the client’s brand name on it into a video, posting it on YouTube and selling it to said client as a viral campaign.

If you really feel like making your brain hurt, go to their Wexley Wear site where you can visit the future, be bombarded by MySpace worthy graphics and purchase agency themed merchandise.

What else… they are getting a new office space. Pictures below. And did we mention that people love working there? So, we’re asking for more information about Wexley. Account wins lately? How much you love Cal and Ian? Pictures of the staff? Do tell. We’re interested.