Meet Roger Federer, On-Court Psychologist

By Kiran Aditham 

Doner at least picked the right spokesman in its first campaign for Wilson racquets. Here, 16-time Grand Slam champ Roger Federer plays short-attention shrink for player who’s struggling with his backhand. Sure, Federer’s acting leaves something to be desired but at least he proves that he’s less of a machine off the court than he is on it. The spot promotes Wilson’s BLX line and is all about “feel” as you will discover. Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
ECD/CD/CW/AD: Murray White
CD/CW: Glen Hilzinger /
CD/AD: Bob Veasey
Writer: John Grammatico
Executive Producer: Brian Dooley

Brand Leadership: Kevin Weinman

Project Manager: Laura Neville / Jaclyn DiCicco

Production Company: Supply & Demand
Director: Greg Popp
Executive Producer, Managing Partner: Tim Case
Executive Producer, Managing Partner: Kira Carstensen
Head Of Production: Rika Osenberg
Line Producer: Henri Dragonas
Cinematographer: Wyatt Troll

Post Production Company: Pluto Post

Editor: Sarah Fisher
Sound Design: Tim Kelly

Mix: Tim Kelly
Online/Vfx Artist: Zack Jacobs
Vfx Artist: Eric Litwin

3d Graphics/Design: Dave Corbett
3d Graphics/Design: Dave Fotherby
Post Producer: Eric Tremonti

Telecine Facility: Ringside Creative

Colorist: Rick Unger – Ringside Creative