Meet Jordan Zimmerman, Motivational Speaker

By Kiran Aditham 

It figures since Zimmerman Advertising is based in Fort Lauderdale that its founder, chairman and namesake would have gone to one of the local high schools. This week, Jordan Zimmerman (one of America’s most productive CEOs according to Inc.) turned from ad exec to Confucius, packing a room of 700 students at his alma mater Piper High (shout out to 88.5 radio) to spout gems like: “If you haven’t been dreaming, you will start today. And dream big. It’s all about today–don’t be a procrastinator. The more prepared you are, the more success you’re going to have.”

Zimmerman, who was introduced by actor/singer Tyrese, was speaking to the kids on behalf of PASS (Partnership to Advance School Success), a Florida program that prepares youngsters for “real world success.” Damn, seems like a good cause so it’s harder to bust the guy’s balls though it sounds like the speech was taken from one of those inspirational posters from the walls of fifth-period social studies. According to the release, Zimmerman will serve as a mentor to Piper High School students and staff for the next three years. Knowing Piper kids, best of luck, Jordan.

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