MediaVest Guy Victim of Journalistic Ethics Breech

By Matt Van Hoven 

Those of you who are familiar with may also know that over the weekend the “what-to-do” site sent 150 journalists, lucky winners and other random folk on a 3-day trip to Jamaica. Getting to Montego Bay was easy on a JetBlue plane set aside just for the occasion, and everything was going swimmingly until a MediaVest employee attending the weekend’s white party at Sandals was the victim of fate: a scaffolding fell on him, and his lady friend and four others (including Obama Girl).

ASSME’s Alyssa Giacobbe wrote of the nightmarish incident, “Of course, nothing kills a buzz better than bloodshed, and the [white] party ended somewhat abruptly after one of the strobes serving to light the dance floor came crashing down. Six people were injured, including a guy from Mediavest who stayed behind in Jamaica with Thrillist’s Ben Lerer but was expected to be on this morning’s first flight out with, it was thought, a busted shoulder and, probably, a lifetime welcome at Sandals resorts worldwide.”

Well we hear the young lad is back at work today, and looks a little like he was on the bad end of a bull fight. Whatever, that’s bad ass, dude. And, free Sandals for life! The only trick now is to get JetBlue to comp every flight, ever. Or you could sue for a few million. A broken collar bone and sprained wrist are proof enough of negligence, right?

Oh, and apparently his girlfriend was hurt too. In the end, someone has to pay for these things, whether it be in journalistic integrity or blood (though we’re pretty sure the MV guy and ladyfriend are innocents here &#151 which makes it that much worse).

NYMag: “Six people went to the hospital, one with a fractured collarbone. The Obama Girl got a nasty gash in her forehead (she didn’t need stitches, according to Thrillist’s rep, and ‘all other injuries were minor’). But others may have been in worse shape. ‘When they moved the rigging, there was one guy who just didn’t get up,’ says our source at the scene. ‘He had huge splotches of blood on his whites, but he wasn’t bleeding. I assumed it must have been someone else’s blood. To his credit, he was joking with people as he was carried away.’ And to Thrillist’s credit, the party was relocated to another venue, so that the night’s survivors might quickly drink away their PTSD.”

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