Media Beat: Abbey Klaassen on Ad Age’s Early Move Into Pay Walls

By Donya Blaze 

While The New York Times is reportedly experimenting with a pay wall for its web site, the folks at Advertising Age actually adopted one for their campaign hubs, Creativity and AdCritic, years ago. In the final installment of our Media Beat interview, executive editor Abbey Klaassen says it’s been a trial-and-error pay wall strategy with those offshoots, which began as “locked down” content and switched to a free model before reverting back to paid access.

“The strategy was let’s go seven days free and after that, you hit a pay wall,” she explains. “That wasn’t an economic model that worked for us, so we’re trying to find a happy medium here.”

Watch the video to find out which online business model the brand ultimately adopted and get Klaassen’s advice for bloggers looking to lure advertisers.

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