Mechanica Tells Story of The Oatmeal’s Matthew Inman for Saucony

By Erik Oster 

Back in July, we shared Mechanica’s “Runner. Gatherer. Chef.” the second in the agency’s “Seeker Stories” for running shoe brand Saucony, which profiled Eduardo Garcia. The agency’s most recent addition to the series, “Runner. Cartoonist. Cake Lover.” profiles Matthew Inman, creator of web comic The Oatmeal and may be its most interesting yet. 

The latest effort in the “Seeker Stories” series has a distinct charm, due in no small part to Inman’s delightful illustrations. Inman also brings his unique perspective to the series, offering no illusions on why he’s a runner. “I wish I could tell you I ran because it’s good for my heart, but really I run so I can eat birthday cake,” he admits in the spot. While running, he imagines he’s being chased by The Blerch, a chubby cherub who represents a sad, overweight version of himself will catch up with him and he’ll become him. The spot is infused with Inman’s sense of humor but also gains emotional impact from the illustrator touching on his past as an awkward, overweight youngster who loved to eat hotdogs. Hopefully, Mechanica can continue to find subjects as interesting as Inman for future additions to the series.


Client: Saucony
Richie Woodworth, President
Mary O’Brien, VP Global Marketing
Sean Robbins, Director of Digital Marketing

Mechanica, Newburyport, Mass.
Libby DeLana, Creative Director
Ted Jendrysik, Creative Director
Julie Carney, Brand Director
Megan Ward, Brand Manager

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Eric Tu, Executive Producer, Head of Content Development
Jessica Law, Producer
Jamie Basset, Assistant Production Supervisor
Drew Bienemann, Director of Photography
Ian Bates, AC/DIT
Todd Schmidt, Sound
Jared Sitter, Animator
Kate Rielly, Prop Master
Jerry Solomon, Managing Partner
Deana Juskys, Production Manager
Amy Martz, Office Manger

Matthew Inman, Talent & Cartoonist

Editorial: Therapy Studios | West Los Angeles, CA
Lenny Mesina, Editor
Wren Waters, Senior Producer
Jeff Fuller, Executive Producer