Mechanica and Forcepoint Show Us How to Avoid a WPP-Style Cyberattack

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember last month, when some unknown Bad People maybe-accidentally got WPP all caught up in a massive international cyberattack aimed at the Polish government?!

Great times for all as every PC in the entire global network had to be shut down for several days. (We do hear that certain all-Mac offices mostly avoided the mess.)

Anyway, Massachusetts creative agency Mechanica recently released a campaign for its client Forcepoint—described as “a commercial enterprise security spin-off of defense contract company Raytheon”—that aims to illustrate how that company can help other business avoid such bumps in the road.

In short: always be defending.
A second spot address the one “burning question”: how do you best protect your company from those cybervillains?

The idea, then, is that businesses need to “focus on people as they interact with critical business data and intellectual property.” That may sound like spying on your own employees, but it’s more about the fact that figuring out who has ill intentions is the best way to prevent those people from attacking you. At least that what the client’s research concluded.

For this campaign, Mechanica worked on brand naming and positioning, product renaming and web redesign in addition to the ads, which make their broadcast debut in August.

From CMO Praveen Asthana: “Our 20-year history of defending people, communities and governments informs Forcepoint’s mission to protect the human point, where data is most valuable and vulnerable. We believe that people are your organization’s best defense, and this unique approach therefore requires a human face for security.”


Client: Forcepoint

Agency: Mechanica
Creative Director: Jim Garaventi
Creative Director: Jim Amadeo
Executive Producer: Brian Smith
Brand Director: Ryan Lee

Production: Skunk // Means of Production // Trollback + Company
Director, Skunk: Brent Harris
President, Skunk: Matt Factor
COO, Executive Producer, Skunk: Shelly Townsend
Executive Producer, Head of Production, Skunk: Jeanne Stawiarski
Producer, Skunk: Ed Callaghan
Director of Photography, Skunk: Jason McCormick
Photographer: Gunther Campine

Editing: Cut & Run
Editor, Cut & Run: Akiko Iwakawa
Color: Company 3
Colorist, Company 3: Tom Poole
Graphics: Trollback + Company
Creative Director, Trollback: Brian Bowman
Music: South
Sound Design: Heard City
Sound Designer: Cory Melious